Random Post.

 Hey loves. 

I wanted just to post to say how excited and motivated I am at this moment! Tomorrow I’m going to discuss book details beginning with my introduction with my old adviser because she’s helping me edit my introduction for my book. I’m very excited about this book and beginning the editing process has been slow but I know it will get going! The photography I think I will begin tomorrow to just get my feet wet. I’m trying to be edgy, raw and sheek as well with my photography because I want my book to draw people in not because of the title but the illustrations and photos. I think some personal photos I’ll include so that that personal touch is still involved. I CHANGED THE THEME of my page to go with my natural journey which right now it’s put up so it can grow and I’m thinking about taking it down next month to see what’s going on! Along with my book my weight loss journey is on the go as well!!! I’m more motivated then EVER to just get healthy ! It’s a time in my life where I’m re-evaluating my style, look and mind frame. I’m young and I have this big personality BUT I have a personal side that I keep dear to me! Only those close to me know me know the things that most personal to me.


I’m an apple girl so I’m thrilled about the new iphone, next month because my upgrade is due I’ll get my new iPhone in November. I’m also considering getting an iPad so that when I meet with a client it’s easier to show case thumbnails, sketches and comps. I think that being business savy and up to date is what you have to be when it comes to being in the business world. Not only do I love apple but I just think Apple is an amazing company. I have a MacBook Pro, iPod and iPhone 3GS. So I’m pretty much an Apple girl. I’m not so materialistic but my major, Graphic Design calls for the best laptop because of the software that we use and as many windows we need to be open at once, not to leave out I do write poetry lol I need a lot of room and I’m into technology.

I’m thinking about starting another blog page to get more exposure and my YouTube page started so that by the end of this year my name can get familiar with more and more people. I’m also going to start looking at publishing company’s by the end of November. Time is going fast so by the end of the week I have much to accomplished, I’m thinking about adding new material to the last chapter to just make it full as possible. I want to turn this book into soooooooooo much so that I can really touch lives of especially females! So I’m ready people!!!!!!!!!! Muah…keep reading!

Love, Peace and Honesty!



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