This Never Ending Love…

This Never Ending Love.

When you came to me I didn’t think we were meant to be

But I guess the headache has me me see

How much we are meant to be

When I met you I was a shy girl

You entering my world I became a lady

Now, look your my baby

What I have for you is continuous

What I feel for you runs deep to the core of me

There’s a connection I feel when I’m with you

I get angry and alone when I’m with you and  I try to distant myself from you

My heart aches

Everything becomes cold and sore

When I look into your eyes I see more

More than love, larger than life I see

The happiness I carry comes from the joy

Joy that you bring me

Alone I won’t be

Because I have you help me be

My nights are full of memories

Memories of me and you

The days we spend talking

The days we spent arguing

The days we’d make-up

What happens next?

Will we be forever?

I hope so

I think so

Because this isn’t an ordinary love

This is never ending love


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