it is what it is.

It Is What It Is

It’s killing me to deal with reality

When every time I close my eyes your all I see

These thoughts of how and what we did

Gets me hot and bothered

But this shit you pulling is a fucking game

You say you care and you’ll be there

But you damn sure got a bad way of showing it

All that I’ve done to prove my love to you

There’s still no way of getting or making my love clear to you

I’m drained from crying

And I’m damn sure tired of trying

Let me know your done

Let’s just let us burn

Cause the feelings are half way gone

My love is honestly on the edge

And my heart no longer knows what to do

How about if the shoe was on the other foot?

Would you know the pain I’m dealing with?

Or does it mean nothing to you

I use to be your boo

Seems like you’ve another crew

I keep going back and forth

It’s so much to deal with

All this happened to fucking quick

I’m about to just give in

I’ve thought this shit through

It is what it is




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