Update {10.13.2011}…Book update

Hello my readers aka my loves,

Quickly I just wanted to let everyone know the book is editing mode! I have people helping me get the manuscript polished as possible to get a solid book deal like I want. In a book deal I want promotion (advertising) included, book stores, kindle and etc book dealers to gain exposure. I want exposure from every angle. There’s this drive in me that just wants this book to touch many lives and be able to have this open discussion. But I want the book to be able to be brought and access for anyone who wishes to read it. I want to go into libraries and meetings with the younger generation who I feel need it most! I’m promoting empowerment to the fullest and confidence. I want people who haven’t smiled in years to smile and be voice for those who don’t. I want my weight loss to be an example of just being healthy and loving self. Do not get my weight loss wrong I love who I am but I’m also concerned about future health issues so I rather lose it now while I’m younger than struggle to lose it as I get older. If you are thick be proud of it, if you are skinny be proud of it and if you are trying to lose weight…be proud of it! Tomorrow I meet with my advisor to discuss the book’s introduction and probably the book overall. The more I write I keep getting excited. Everyone I talk to are excited and everyone helping me edit is excited as well! All I say is keep praying for me and with me so that everything moves in the right direction. I plan on leaving a dent in society with the power of words. Keep reading…

Love, Peace and Honesty…



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