Update {October 2nd, 2011}…

Hello readers aka my loves,

It’s October already geesh! It’s crazy how time its just going fast! Well the editing is at a stand still only because people lives are so busy.  I’m thinking about just going ahead and sending it off to an literary agent or literary editor to begin the process of editing. I’m just anxious to get the ball rolling so I can move forward with my book. It’s something I’m so ready to get out and polished for everyone ready to read my book so by the end of the month depending on if the editing has began I will decide what to do with the editing. I know I have to add to my book proposal being as it’s only like a paragraph long and it needs to be longer than that, I will begin that today. My head has been going crazy with new ideas and titles for new poems. Everyday I’m thinking of ways to do something or ways to change my life. I’m still trying to face my fears and even stepping into my field of study is a little scary because it’s change and it’s something new of course so I need to figure out how to deal with change because change is the only thing that’s constant. I do like change and I’m ready for some kind of change because I’m bored with many situations and things in my life so that’s why I’m like steady looking for a job and doing this book because I know I’m meant to be more and do more. I’m trying to kick the lazy habit out of my life too. It’s hard because I really don’t have a routine right now being as I work part time in retail and I’m really pressing towards getting out of retail. But I’m hopeful and trying to take a step out on faith with my talents. Dreams are meant to come true so I’m trying to take as many chances as I can.

I am trying to find more time to blog more and be able to be more dedicated to my writing because I haven’t been doing so at this time. There’s so much going on and it gets pretty hard to do the blogging and write. It was easier when I was younger to write everyday but somehow I just stopped but I think it was a way to take stress off my shoulders, I need to pick writing up again daily. I’m trying to get into my working out again as well because I had a routine back in 2009 which I was going hard on through out the week and the weekends. I was getting use to it but things happened and I got off track since then. But lately I’ve been feeling that urge to get back into working out and feeling inspired to get in shape. It’s hard to lose weight especially when it’s so easy to get off track but when your health is a stake then you must make changes. It’s exciting because when I start losing weight I get into it heavily. I was looking at Beyonce, Rihanna, Amber Rose and Monique and even Jennifer Hudson, I just got inspired again to get back into it. It’s well worth it. I don’t like dieting because I think it’s a waste of time but just trying to become healthier and small proportions help with losing weight. I think it’s better to be healthy instead of being skinny…I don’t EVER wanna be skinny, lol. I love being thick and I’ll remain thick. Skinny wouldn’t look right on me but healthy will ❤ lol looking sick just is not cute. No offense to the skinny girls, do your thing boo! But skinny is not for EVERYONE.

Okay I may post a few poems later. I gotta do some kind of editing and writing. Stratergizing, planning and thinking I will be doing tonight as well, I am now at a time crunch to get things accomplished by the end of the year. I’M SO DETERMINED. I will do anything to get my dreams accomplished. Keep reading, supporting and showing love to meeeee, I APPRECIATE IT VERY MUCH. Muah.


Love, Peace and Honesty!,




One comment

  1. Kevinia · October 2, 2011

    Cool, stick with your plan things will start to happen in due time. Keep it moving. Get-R-Done!

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