Troy Davis.

I’m late on writing about him but I needed to comment on something that I have a heavy heart for, Troy Davis. I’m not too into the criminal justice field or do I know much about the judicial system BUT what I can say is that how can you kill a man with NO EVIDENCE to a murder? I think the saying “Innocent until proven guilty” should stand until you can find solid proof someone is guilty of the crime you suspect them of. It’s so sad to me that here in 2011 down south there is so much racism that still lives in people’s blood and we can’t even truly sentence people correctly for crimes they commit. I’m not sure if you remember but in 2006 Sean Bell who was 23 and an african american was shot by a group of 5 POLICE officers in NEW YORK  and Sean was unarmed. The officers got away with the crime and the family and the men involved with the shooting (Sean’s friends) were paid money. The officers didn’t do time and money doesn’t bring the life of Sean Bell back but you can put Troy Davis to death with no evidence? It’s just crazy to me how our system can work for people who work for the system but can’t seem to help the innocence of civilians. I’m not saying Troy Davis was innocent because its said that he shot someone earlier in the day or previous to the cop shooting. But for the cop shooting theres no finger prints, a gun or anything that can prove Troy Davis killed the cop. No life should be taken by another man, in the Bible it says “Thou shall not kill” so to me killing someone is against the Bible. White, Black or whatever the race may be killing someone is wrong. Troy Davis was on death row for 22 years…why wait to kill someone if they’re guilty? Why wait 22 years?  Troy Davis was pronounced dead at 11:08 September 21st, 2011…why can’t we prove that someone is guilty before killing them in a chair with an injection? This case did make me against the lethal injection. I just think its wrong and it doesn’t bring justice, make those who commit crimes fight in the wars and make them do something else besides killing them. Put them on a life sentence or something. It’s sad that so many lives are taken by someone. If you want to read on the two stories I am talking about here are the links:

Troy Davis

Sean Bell


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