Random Thoughts…

Hey ya’ll, my readers!

Well if you read my blogs I post every now and then random thoughts. I have three categories that I post under really: UPDATES which I just tell what’s going on in my world and sometime extra thoughts, POEMS where I post my poems from past to present and even material I’m writing at the moment then RANDOM THOUGHTS which I basically talk about things that’s on my mind and that’s on my chest. Now I’m not a professional or someone who care about people’s opinions especially when I’m passionate about a topic or person. So some stuff maybe real raw and in your face but I’ve learned that when I write like that it’s the realest. I’m breaking things down to you guys so you know what it what and I have some new subscribers so I had to let you know what this is all about. My reason for start my blog is to gain a base audience and readers for my book which I’m currently editing the manuscript at the moment. I’m very anxious about it and happy it’s progressing. Alright since that’s out the way…to my new readers THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING, it helps me a lot with gaining a base and making a name for myself. If you are a reader please encourage more people to read my material and just leave your comments on whatever you read, comments and etc are welcomed.

When a situation goes wrong, what do you do? Okay personally I don’t believe in cheating because I believe it’s a waste of time and you should just break up with the person if you feel the need to cheat, it’s not right nor fair to the person that your committed too. What if your so insecure to the point where you don’t trust the person? Do you go through their phone? Do you look through their emails? Do you get their passwords and etc for facebook/twitter? Do you make a fake Facebook accounts to see who the person your involved with is talking too? No, I’m sorry if you feel you gotta go above and beyond to see if the one you “love” is cheating or anything of that nature then you don’t ned to be with them. It’s just not serious because if they are cheating then keep it moving, it takes too much energy to do all that extra bullshit. It’s just not worth it to me at the end of the day…what does that say about your relationship? what does that say about you? Your insecure, you don’t trust the person your with and you need to be single. POINT, BLANK…PERIOD, sorry.

On to another subject that’s on my mind, I’ve spoken on this before but I gotta touch on this AGAIN because I honestly just get mad everytime I hear someone who already got kids keep having them at a young age, I’m sorry if you are younger than 25 with like 3-4 kids and you ain’t married, claiming to be married but the person already taken, not stable or whatever you don’t need anymore kids. What about the kids? Call my what you want but I’m old school. UNLESS I’M MARRIED I’M NOT POPPING OUT NO KIDS. I’m not adding onto the statistics of single mothers especially in the african american community. I feel like if you decide to be sexually active then be smart about it. A LOT OF THESE GIRLS AND GUYS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE ABOUT HAVING SEX. They don’t get tested, they don’t use condoms, they aren’t on birth control and just being ignorant about sex. AIDS IS REAL, STD’S ARE REAL and KIDS ARE A LIFETIME JOB….motherhood is no joke…kids = money. If you not making money like that you asking for a headache and stress. Let me not go in to much cuz I know some woman who do they thing but they learn after the FIRST TIME. It’s the ones who got three, four and five kids who are the ages between 22-25…depending on WELFARE. Nothing wrong with it but let’s be real, it takes more than that to take care of 3 to 5 kids. You need bank! SO what I’m saying is be smart and get you mind right. Stop being desperate for a man and opening your legs everytime he claim he “LOVES YOU” and use that thing called A BRAIN GOD GAVE YOU. It’s hard out here on these streets and I’m single with NO KIDS, lol. Maybe it’s because I know my taste and the kind of lifestyle I want to lead I just can’t have kids at this time.

Children are a blessing from GOD but honestly I watch my mom and I see how much work I am so I just know that for me personally I’m not ready for a child. Children depend on us and I’m not fully developed, I still like partying, I still like going out when I want and I like chilling with my girls at any time of the day without looking for a baby sitter. I’m not talking down to anyone but what I’m doing is trying to open your eyes to the generation at our hands. Too many females are so insecure about themselves, have no faith, no guidance, no real role models and it makes me mad when I see these bright and smart females put themselves in the most STUPIDEST situations. They settle because they think “I have a man” so I’ll be good and “I can’t do better” no boo boo, you can. Unless you got a ring on that finger and you are truly in the situation because YOU ARE MARRIED you have no ties to any nigga. I think that’s that females fall in a relationship because “their in a relationship” they feel they must do as the guy say, they must do that and do this…NO NO NO it’s 50/50 always. If I party when I meet you then trust and believe imma do it when I’m in a relationship! I won’t do it as much but I will do it because it’s something I like to do or if I’m going out with my girls every other weekend or something imma do it when I’m in a relationship! Don’t let you situation define who you are. You are an individual outside of the relationship and females must learn who they are before entering a relationship, if you don’t you will fall into the same traps that you did in the past.

I just had to get some thing off my chest because too many kids are born into situations they didn’t ask and they don’t get the proper attention they deserve and it’s not their fault. All I’m saying is get your shit together before bringing in another life into this thing called “LIFE”. It’s too hard in this economy and too many single mothers out here hurting to bring all these children in the world. Oh also these kids need mothers and FATHERS so please have both ROLES for these children to be raised. It’s so sad when these kids aren’t raised in a home with both parents. That’s why we have so many single parents…single mothers and SINGLE FATHERS, it’s not a good look. We need more respect and more time to get to know each other before “falling in love”, before having “sex”, before having kids and before jumping into relationships. Know you first, then add onto the equation…it’s a lot easier and smoother this way. Day by day I’m trying to get to know me and my wants to be able to provide for not only myself but the guy GOD blesses me with and children. Life ain’t easy but trust and believe I’m finding my way regardless. I got a great system around me and my values are in place…my priorities has been checked as well. Gotta find balance with it all and I have. Thanks for reading…<3




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