Untitled {New….working on it still}…

There's so much in this world that makes me blue 
Crazy but true 
You've done your share of wrongs 
But I gain some sense of relief when it comes to you 
Things between us has not been easy 
But when has love ever been easy!? 
Deep inside I only wish to grow
With you, beside you and supporting you 
As scared as I am to give my heart 
This time I'm taking more precautions 
So that true love can start 
Where we are it's meant to be more 
Your heart I would never let fall 
Let's start over
 Let's give love their wings 
Let's start over 
Stop fighting bout the same ol thing Let's start over 
We can't let our good love die 
Maybe we can start all over 
Give love another life 
Beyonce said it best 
When I hear her song it reminds me of where we are 
We've come so far but much more to do 
Settling just is not an option 
That's why I say let's start over 
Not only do I want to learn from you 
Not only do I want you to learn from me I just want us to learn from each other
 It won't be easy I've learned I've been selfish 
But when it comes to you I just can't help it 
If I want you to trust me I have to let go of what has happened
Same goes for you If you put in 100%, I'll put in the same 
When we're together it feels so good 
Things will fall into place 
As both you and I know,it will 
....had some emotions to get off my chest recently and I will be finishing it soon, thinking about to add it into my book. 


One comment

  1. Bottled Up Sentiments. . · September 28, 2011

    Beautifully written !
    I hope you like my poems ! 🙂

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