The Color of My Skin

The Color of My Skin

I’ve been judged, disliked, rejected and etc all because of the color of my skin

Not by other races

By my own

It hurt of course

It hurt even worse when it’s my family

Chocolate complexion, nice silky and sexy skin

But not everyone feels the same

Hard to believe but at times I felt ashamed

Asking god “why am I dark skin”


I liked this guy so much

He was cute and smart

I thought he was feeling me

Nope, he claimed he had a girl

But on the real he didn’t like my skin tone

It’s a situation I’m use too


They’ve mistreated me when I was young

Tried to feed me cheap food

And buy me things I really didn’t need for my age

I grew up, realized what was going on

I saw that they were my family

Light skin, long hair and materialistic (so they think)


And I’m the totally the opposite dark skin, short hair and not materialistic

Realizing I knew they disliked me

They tried to make it up

Pretend and put on a front as if they like me

Telling me they “love” me

Graduation came around and tried to hype me up

In reality I haven’t held a relationship with you in years

Made me feel bad and cry unnecessary tears

I felt like my skin tone was ugly

At one point it became an insecurity


But I’ve realized that my skin is just the outside of me

It’s not my identity

I’m dark and beautiful

Very true.

My skin does not determine

My life

My dreams

My personality

My love

It’s ashame that skin tone can determine someone’s love

Can make a human feel less than what they truly are

Can ripe people apart

And make my own grandmother think less of me

All because of the color of my skin



….this is not new. Old but I want opinions and people to read whats in the book. Enjoy1


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