Can I Cry…

Can I Cry?


There’s this deeper side to me

Where I just want to be free

Free from the lies, games, tears and hurt

I got all this anger, frustration and pain in me

Because I’m torn and lost inside

He came into my life giving me joy and love

Showed me another side of myself

I gave so much of me that I lost myself

I’d cry, cry, cry & cry for his love and affection

Because we always had a deep and passionate connection


Never did he explain why he left

Never did he say bye

4 years of craziness, love and heartache

Laughs, cries and my 1st everything

Still leaves a “scare”


She was like a aunt and big sister to me

More like an family friend

I’d run to her 1st because she understood

She had my back even when I was dead wrong

Let me know even when I felt weak I was still strong

Almost 10 years

Then she turns her back against me

Still text me and tells me “I’ll always be there”

When she’s not here at all


I call, I get the voicemail

I text, I get no response

She came to my graduation

Claiming she wanted too but I didn’t even know

They were two close people to my heart and in my life

They were the ones who would protect my heart

I never got the chance to let my side be told

I never got the chance for my pain to be put to rest

When someone looks into your eyes and lie

When someone hold you and say I love you

But come to find out it’s not real

And till the very day can’t even look at you in your eyes

Or even say hi

It’s not fair, you NEVER cared

And the pain is still here in this loving heart

So since I can’t call you

Can I cry?


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