Life is what you make it to be


Surround yourself with positivity


Don’t give into negativity, immaturity or failure


Failure is apart of success


Accept failure but don’t give into it


“Everybody dies but not everybody lives”


Don’t just live to exist


Make every day, every minuet and every second count


Stand for something, be productive, let people know you call the shots


Dream to the highest to highs


Be prepared to experience  the lowest of lows


Know that life is full of joy, mistakes and pain


Anything you do let it represent who you are


Let it be your best


Have the mind frame of “today could be last”


Forgive your past, let that go and smile


Don’t let your future and present be determined by your past


Let not fear be a factor


Be able to hold your own


Define who you are inside and out


Figure out for yourself


What life is all about


Don’t live though someone elses eyes


It’s your responsibility to find your destiny


Once you do…you’ll feel free


Wait on nothing


Depend on nobody


Fulfill your wants, needs, desires and get it


Be able to say, I’m not just here


I’m living


This is my most recent poems which is in my book which is beginning the editing process as we speak. I’m really excited about things that going on in my life. Live is just one of them poems I’m speaking from my heart and telling people don’t be afraid to live and BE WHO YOU ARE. Don’t let people be negative around you when you are on a high and don’t let things that are minor get in the way of what God has in store for you because your future even your current present is affect by your attitude and spirit of life. Be who you are not who people want you to be. Smile! Make sure YOU LIVE OUT YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!

Love, Peace and Honesty,




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