UPDATE {8.31.2011}…

Hello my loves also known as my readers,

At 11:00 pm I have finished my book manuscript! Now the real work begins with the manuscript to getting the finished product an published book either on my own or by an major publishing company. I’m excited, nervous and ready for what I must do to get this book out to the public because I have much to say. My goal was to finish by the end of August so today I spent most of my day just finishing up the manuscript. Now I have to decide if I want to begin a editing team or begin on my own editing my own manuscript. I would like for others to give me their thoughts and professional editing skills so that I can go towards the direction I want to go in. It’s important to me for my book to be an raw and inspirational book for anyone reading my book man or woman…girl or boy! It’s important as well that those reading my book that this is not intent to be a bashing book at all or a negative book, this is for people to be able to relate to my real life experiences that I put in words through poetry. I have research to do and read now that my manuscript is done to make decisions on how I would like to proceed doing this book. I want you all to continue to support me and read my poems! I began this blog to get out my poetry and get my poetry known so that I can have readers So every time you comment and leave your opinions, IT MEANS SOMETHING to me. This book finished product means the world to me so by next year or the latest 2013 I would like this book to be published and promoting it to the world! I plan on writing 3 books in all and it’s just exciting to know that I will leave a mark on society.




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