In Memory of Aaliyah…

In memory of Aaliyah,

 If you know me then this is no surprise but if not then you must know that Aaliyah is one of my favorite singers and she passed on August 25th, 2001 which is a day I WILL NEVER FORGET. I sing besides designing and writing music is my first love so long side music cam singing. Aaliyah’s voice to me is just so smooth, mellow and soothing. I listen to her all the time even though she may be in a better place. But I’m blogging this because like the rest of her millions of fans I miss her to this day. The R&B and HIP-HOP world lost a big part of it when princess and also known as “baby girl” to R&B. Yesterday was her 10th anniversary, I’m a day late but I didn’t have time to post and I was so caught up in watching the special on BET for Aaliyah posting was last on the agenda, lol. But one thing Aaliyah was….she was humble. That’s something I love about her to this day and she was goofy. No matter who you ask in the industry those are two things people say about her. Besides her voice, I personally enjoyed her dance moves and she just felt like the whole package. She knew how to be sexy but not over do it, ya kno? Plus she was just everyone’s home girl like the girl next door. My heart always gets a little sad this time of year because it took me awhile to get over her death because as a singer/artist myself I was studying her as an artist vocally and her dance moves. I had just got her cd titled “Aaliyah” and was in love with it. So when she passed it honestly made my world stop plus I was only 12. I truly loved her and I know one day I’ll meet my homie Aaliyah. She’s a wonderful person and I plan to keep her legacy going. She wanted people to know she was an entertainer and that she loved what she did. It showed through out her career music was everything and she took many chances when she had her career. Baby girl, your always missed and here you will always have a fan in me ❤

Love, Peace && Honesty

Shadreya ❤

Aaliyah’s “Rock The Boat Video” last video she made:

Watch this video of Artist who pay tribute to babygirl 10 years later….


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