Blinded By Love…

Blinded By Love

 No one understands the love between us

 He’s all I need

 I put him before anyone else

 He’ll never hurt me


 Your heart is the weakest part of your body

 It’s also the easiest part to get broken

 When it comes to it love is 50/50

If he ain’t helping you out, showing you love or doing all that a man should do

 Then he ain’t for you

 Giving your heart is the bravest thing a female can do

Us females fall too easy

 We catch feelings quick

 Then when we fall in love

 We push friends and family away

We always think

 “They don’t want me to be happy”

 “They always trying to hurt me”

 Well, I’m sorry to say this but they do

 Every mother has been in a similar situation or maybe worse

All they want to do is keep us from getting hurt of course

 You gotta keep your guard up

 Let them (men/boys) know who’s boss

 They ain’t down fuck em

There’s more fish in the sea

 Open your eyes

 Save yourself from the pain

 You keep putting up with the bull

You’ll keep getting hurt

 Love is not guaranteed

 Don’t be blinded by love



  1. makemydesirespure · August 21, 2011

    did you write this for me? i feel like you just spoke directly to my soul.
    good read.

  2. Kim Collins · August 21, 2011

    Straight to point, nothing suga coated, now that’s hot! I especially liked the part ” Our mothers have been their” sooo true. For whatever reason we (girls/women) always think that we are the only ones who have ever experiecned this BS that we are in right now.

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