Hello my readers also known as my loves,

It feels like forever but I think its’ only been a week or two since I’ve posted something. I did post one new poem called “More” which I wrote at work and happen to like it as well. I’m not sure if I said this prior in my old post but I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that there are just some people not meant to be in my life and I’m trying to hold onto something that’s not meant to be there. I’ve also noticed the strength that I have gained because I’m not caring how people feel as much and I’m learning to just deal with things as they come. I’m maintaining this positivity thought process because of law of attraction and with all that I’ve managed to pull through and survived I believe my blessings are coming, I just need to be patient and do my part. Faith without work is dead. But I’ve been working and I’m trying to find some software because my life has came to halt because I have no software, no software I can’t work on anything or any freelance projects…SUCKS! I have many ideas and projects in mind but no software…but when there’s a will, there’s a way! I’ve been applying to jobs in my field, lord bless I’ll be doing what I love before this year is out or sooner. I’ve worked very hard to be at this point but I know this is just the beginning.

I’ve came across a new interest of mine who unfortunately lives and is from Mississippi…yes I know what your thinking “damn again”…it’s crazy. Just the other week I was thinking damn I can attract these guys millions of miles away but yet to find someone up here in the DMV area, crazy. Then I think well is it a sign that I need to move and find a job else where? I’ve been thinking about relocating lately to start over to just view life differently than what I do. I’m anxious to see what God has in stores for me and what the future holds. My hard work will pay off soon, I feel it. I’m in no rush to be in any kind of relationship because I like being single at this moment. If my career(s) take off as I want and need them too, lord willing I won’t have time for a relationship. I will say I have been throwing myself into my work and my goals because I don’t want to hurt anymore than I have. I guess you can say I’m avoiding hurt and I’m also just having a good time. Once or twice a month I’ve been going out with my team who I love soooooo very much, they bring the best out of me and help me live life to its fullest. Shout outs to Talia, Devin, Ashley, Marika and Vanessa! But I’ve reaized I’ve worked, worked, worked and worked with no play time so I’ve been trying to play more to say I do have a life, lol. But I never have to much fun without being productive, I have a destiny and mission to fulfill.

Besides all that’s going on I’ve been going to church more and making room for church. Sunday’s at my job is a time in a half so it is hard to balance it all but God holds me in his arms daily, I pray every day and I speak to him all day to keep him present at all times. When I’m happy I thank HIM for my happiness and sanity as well when I’m in my need I speak to him. God has healed and helped me through my depression, pain and tears all my life so I’m trying to get back in church and get right with God. Christianity takes time and having that relationship with GOD is worth it all at the end of the day. Nobody understands me like HE does and I’m blessed know that.. Recently things haven’t been so smooth so GOD is what maintains me from loosing myself. On a happy note I’m on chapter 9 with the book, it’s coming together really well. I’m putting my all into this book because I want people to relate and be empowered by my experiences. I’m being VERY raw in my book and I do use actual names of people in certain situations. It’s only right. But hold your heads my readers and always stay positive. What you attract is because of how you feel and think!!!!! YOU CONTROL YOUR LIFE! BE POSITIVE!

Love, Peace and Honesty, 

Dreya ❤


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