A heart is not meant to be broken

In my eyes it’s a token

Therefore I wouldn’t take one for granted

I’ve already had a player

I’ve already had a mis-treater

I’ve cried, tried and then some

I know my worth

Now I just need someone who’s time is worth mine


I don’t need a boyfriend

I need a MAN

There’s a difference between a boy and a man

I’m a blossoming woman

Therefore I need a man

I’m not looking for games

I’m not looking for bullshit

I’m not looking for SEX

I’m looking and I need more


You can keep the flashiness

You can keep the money

You can keep the childishness

You can keep the heartache

Give me what I deserve

Give me something real

Treat me like you’d want to be treated

Treat me like your mother taught you


Anyone can speak of words

Anyone can tell me they love me

I’m looking for more

I refuse to waste anymore time

I’m determined to be patient

True love is my aim

The heartaches from my past has changed my mind frame

Here on out I’m looking for more


….it’s been a very long time since I actually wrote new material but today at work I had the creative juices flowing and this is what I came out with. I actually like this poem and its exactly where I stand with love and relationships. I just know who I am and my worth so I need someone who can handle me on every level. I don’t do the games, non sense or bullshit other females put up with because honestly my time is too valuable and I’m moving forward so if your on bullshit time then I can’t be bothered. I’m only getting older not younger so if you know what you want to pursue with me then let it be know straight up before things get going and then once someone catches feelings things change up. I’m done with ignorance and games. That is for the birds. Let it be known, we grown out here no need for stupidity.


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