July 20th, 2011 {UPDATE}…

Hello my loves also known as my readers, 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TALISA!!! It’s my best friends birthday and I’m excited for her, lol she’s 22 and she supports me through it all. I learn much from her and she keeps me going. We feed off each other and I just love her to pieces. But yessssss I wrote one new poem but I have a list of poem titles that I’m tying to wrote within the next two weeks. My book is coming along as well, tonight I was on a mission to finish Chapter 7 and get begin Chapter 8, FINALLY!!!!!! I honestly want to take my time with this book and I want it to be something that can be read no matter the age or race. I want it to be respected, legendary and a best seller. I know that with my team and those who have read my material see that kind of potential in my work so I just want the outcome to represent who I am through my book/poems. My life is not perfect nor am I but I’ve learned a great deal and I want to share my thoughts, experiences and wisdom to those who is willing to seek what I’m saying. I’m not a english major and I’m not the best at writing but what I do know is that I’m passionate about writing and I love to do it in my spare time. So I’m excited to pursue it.

I’ve finally updated my resume which I’ve been doing for about 3 weeks because of the alignment and style of my resume. But I’m looking for a job HARD. Full time graphic designer positions. I enjoy print production, photography, advertising and designing. Essence and BET are my ideal companies to work for doing whatever I can to contribute to the legacies already established, I grew up with these companies so it’ll be an honor and a huge experience I’d cherish forever. My goal is still by the end of the year to be in my field of study to do what I love. I’m also looking for software because I got freelance projects to do and things I got in my head to create. But I’m staying positive about everything that’s going on because what I think and how I feel affects a great deal of what’s going on in my life. Law of attraction!!! I’m ready Toya’s book called “Priceless Inspirations” by Antonia “Toya” Carter and I’m enjoying the book thus far. As I continue reading her book it inspires me to keep writing my book. Next book I plan on reading is Tyrese…Get out your own way. I’m trying to gain as much knowledge as possible! Oh my motivational board is complete and I’m just sooooooooo EXCITED! I’m just making all kinds of changing to move forward. I’ve also learned in the last few days that not everyone is meant to move forward with us as we grow and live our lives. But I honestly can say that the ones who have always been in my corner hasn’t disappointed me at all. They continue to support me and love me. I couldn’t ask for a stronger, loving and supportive team ❤ I love you all. They’re my foundation and that’s where it all begins. It takes a team to create a woman as myself to more forward in such an positive direction to pursue GREAT things.


Love, Peace nd Honesty!!!

Dreya ❤


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