Update {7.15.2011}…

Hello my loves aka my readers,

I’ve been gone for a minuet now I’m back with the jump off! I’ve been in a very positive space and I’m tying my hardest to stay right here in this space and embrace the positivity around me it’s what I deserve because all that I’ve encountered in my past and I’m grateful of all that God has placed in my life and the blessings I’ve came across. Some days were harder than others to get past my own insecurities, pains and love that went wrong. But I’ve realized that God has something better for me and I just have to do my part as well as be patient. What you think and your mindset shows a lot and speaks much on what’s going on in our lives. Law of attraction is very true and so I am aiming to have positive thoughts and be strong as I have thus far. It’s hard because of course I want to be doing what I love oh so bad and I want to start begin traveling, experiencing life and expand my mind. I don’t want to be put in a box or have anyone define who I am. I want to be able to say I lived and I lived to the fullest potential.

Lately I’ve been trying to let go negativity that has been trying to come into my world. I was talking to guys that weren’t benefitting me and had no plans on pursuing a serious friendship or relationship with so I decided to cut them short. I have no time for games or childish acts so I’m done. I know who wants to be in my life for the right reasons and those who just want to use me for other reasons being sexual of even financial. I’m smart and I’m a DIVA so I must live like that. I know my worth so I can’t speak to people who aren’t on the same level as I am and not moving forward in a positive direction because when you surround yourself with people who aren’t going in a positive direction, willing to grow or learn new things its hard on you to become more developed or not to become stagnant. Progression within life means the world to me because growth is important in life. Just because we graduate and get degree’s don’t mean to stop learning. Education is important but so is day to day life and knowledge also known as being street smart.

I’m a woman and I know what I want so I’m just aiming towards all that I said I would do because I’m only getting older not younger. Guys will come and go and until someone proves to me they’re worthy of my love I will not settle for just anyone. No matter how afraid I am to be alone and single I will not just be with someone because I’m scared of being along. It’s sad because woman do that. They settle for someone because they can’t bare to be along or can’t take rejection. I’ve learned so much while I’ve been single this past year that it’s not funny. I’m learning new things about myself and I’ve graduated from college. I’m willing to take my life to new heights regardless of the changes I must take. I’m taking back control of my life and it feels damn good. God loves me so HE’s all I need to move forward in this positive direction….walk by faith, not by sight. This world we live in is crazy and only one PERSON KEEPS ME SANE && that’s GOD ❤ more poems shall be posted. By tonight I want two poems written because I haven’t wrote new material in awhile. Love you guys!


Love, Peace and Honesty!!!!



One comment

  1. Kevinia · July 17, 2011

    Now that’s grizzle! Keep doin your thing. 🙂

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