How Can I?…

How Can I?


We’ve been talking, 4 months

A lot has transpired between us

No lie I’m attracted to you

Sexually, mentally and physically

When I’m with you everything is great

Then when we not together

Everything feels weird

I feel real distant from you…


Ever since your new job

My time to see you has been zip to none

And with how I’m feeling for you

It bothers me

You told me I’d have to fight for you

With no time to get with you alone

How can I?


I understand you got female friends

But I know when a female wants to be more than a friend

They might have came before me

But spend some time with me they won’t even matter

I don’t trust no female

Especially when I’m feeling you on another level

Sorry I just don’t share


How I feel is nothing but real

I’m willing to prove it

That’s nothing to me

I’ve done it before

I need something to work with though

Time, affection and some attention

You asked me what I want with you

I can show you better than I can tell you

But without seeing you how can I?



Money is top priority

Not just for you but for me

I get that

But it’s those who down for you when your in need that truly care

What I feel is not just sex

I know behind Mr. Pretty boy

There’s sensitivity and someone who wants to be loved

Just like everyone else


I know what I’m about

All the games, bullshit and drama

Save that for the birds

I’m not into it, I’m grown and sexy

When your ready, I’m here

Just say the words, give me 100 nothing less

I’m there

But if you not ready

How can I?


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