Grind Hard…. <3

Grind Hard


Always stay on top of your game

Someone wants me to slip

But when I do; I’ll have a grip

Open my eyes

Go against my fears

It’s ok to have tears

But don’t knock my hustle

Nobody will give me my dreams

Therefore I must get in my zone

I must do this alone

I refuse to be a nobody

I always knew I was somebody

The determination only I know

I will get knocked down

But it’s needed to get to the top

My motivation is life

I know where I’m from

I know where I want to be

Successful is my only destination

So regardless of the bullshit

I must grind hard


This was written last year but it’s exactly my mindset right now and will be for awhile. My dreams are my focus and how much I want them to be my reality nobody understands. So I had to post this because its the positive direction I’m in right now! I hope all can be inspires just as I am to push and keep pushing regardless of the hardships we may come across in this lifetime. Enjoy!



  1. Kevinia · July 17, 2011

    That’s so true…you gotta keep your hustle up in order to stay relevant in the game. Grizzle hard!

  2. Dreya · July 19, 2011

    Yes ma’am! Thanks for reading!!!!!

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