Update {7.8.2011}…

It’s about 2:21 in the morning on July 8th, 2011,

Hi my readers! It’s been awhile since I posted so I thought I’d go ahead and post something. But as usual I have much going on in my world. My family has been my focus because my grandmother in my eyes is the core and rock of this family so when it comes to her everything else pretty much doesn’t matter. But I am still grinding as usual and just shutting things down honestly. I’m at an edge at this point and if you cross me wrong and you just don’t get it or don’t fit in my positive space I can’t be around you. I’m climbing up to the top to my success and doing what I have to do to earn my success. My heart has embedded so much and I’ve cried so many tears that I refuse to go back to the times I was just not myself, naive and I allowed people especially guys to take advantage of my emotions, my time and things I did. I’ve grown a great deal and I can identify myself in a way so many other females can’t and I’m blessed to say I can. But I’m just letting a lot of stuff go. Just recently this guy who claimed to like me and wanted to be with me had the audacity to allow this so called girlfriend contact me when the day before he wanted to be with me and “cherish” my heart forever. Like guys don’t understand that’s exactly why I’m single and I can’t take this childish behavior. The only thing I can think is he got in his feelings because I said I wouldn’t be his girl. I am not in the place to be a girlfriend or in a committed relationship so why make the commitment?  So yeah, crazy. The female was talking out of her neck and was just wrong about the information given to her. Smh, men.

So besides that I’m currently working on my book still onto chapter 7 and close to beginning chapter 8. Very exciting because I want to start the editing process next month and as the closer August gets that means the closer the book will be done. I will be posting more so that you guys will see what the book will have in it. I’m trying to be as raw and honest as I can. It’s hard to get out of our comfort zones and boundaries but I’m trying to push myself to do it all. I am trying to take advantage of my passions, talents and time I have to create things that’ll benefit me in the future. I was watching Beyonce’s “Year of the 4” 

… this takes you into her world currently and I’m up so late working on my book and my mind is racing just with everything I need to do. Beyonce works her ass off so for me to want as much as I do I honestly have to step my game up to gain the success I’m embarking on. Finding a job in my field should be like clock work and working on this book she be something I’m doing all the time. Beyonce just made me see I have no time to waste because I love what I’m doing and that hunger can’t be taken from me. Only I can change what I don’t like. I know these things but when situations come at you I think you tend to forget all the wisdom you encounter from your experience


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