Random Thoughts…

Hello loves,

A few things been on my mind and just been on the table for discussion for awhile now between myself and my group of friends. I love the topics of relationships, love and sex they always cause much tension and heated debates. Just as much as the topics of religion and politics. I prefer to discuss love, relationships and sex rather than religion or politics because religion/politics can cause some serious problems lol here are my opinions on love, relationships and sex:

LOVE – this is one word and it’s one verb that I am oh so PASSIONATE about. I love very hard and I use it wisely. I have had the chance to experience the word twice in my lifetime but haven’t had the chance to experience REAL LOVE. I have felt love and I’ve given out love myself. Love is beautiful when treated right and respected. Love will always over power hate. That’s why I kill people with kindness. You may dislike me or hate me but as long as I am a child of God I will love all and see no evil. Evilness is not in my soul or heart so I will not act upon no evil. I will admit I have a few people I HIGHLY DISLIKE WITH A PASSION but I wouldn’t wish death them or no harm because karma is ugly. But Love is something that takes time and is shared between two people who truly mean the words. Love is real in all aspects, it just takes time.

Relationships– Okay so I’m currently single. I have guys who would like to make me they’re girlfriend but I’m not ready for that all. My heart is being repaired and I’m just trying to experience life before entering another committed relationship. But okay if your talking to someone and you like their company, you like being around them and talking to them…does a title mess things up? does the situation become ugly once a title is placed upon it???? Because I’ve seen situations that were amazing and close to perfect but once it’s official things change. But why? Relationships shouldn’t be hard at all. When you like someone and want to pursue more with them a title shouldn’t change anything. Only thing that should change is that you have a partner now and the situation should still be the same.

Sex – No lie its something that can become an addiction when your getting the right sex, lol. I feel that sex can destroy a relationship because it depends on the people involved in the situation. If one person in the situation loves sex and one can go without for a few days it’s a problem versus a relationship where two people have the same sexual appetite it’ll be just fine because they both love sex. Then when your just beginning a situation, it’s almost scary because you don’t know if the person is only talking to you for sex and once they get the cookie they may bounce. So it’s risky giving it up because the tables may turn, right? That’s why you be friends for the beginning to build a strong foundation and if things proceed in the right direction and sex gets involved you go from there. But SEX is almost as crazy as love.

Besides those topics I’ve learned from my past and in current present things going on that life is not fair. Things happen so fast and you just have to pick your battles because time waits for none. I have over time chosen my battles more carefully because of my past. I don’t have time for the foolishness and childish behaviors. My motives these days are specifically directed towards positivity, my dreams and my own success. My heart has always been dedicated to others happiness, success and passions now it’s my turn to focus on my own passions, success and happiness. It’s only fair. I know for a fact that putting my energy into myself and dreams won’t hurt me or judge me. Too many times I like a guy, fall for a guy and things don’t go how I think. Twice is more than enough for myself to fall into love. Like I’ve said before I want my third chance at love to be it for me. I’m grown and I’m wiser so I have the tools to make the right decisions to be in a healthy and respectful relationship where I will prosper and grow as a woman. In a relationship where I am not held back, belittled, settling or unhappy because I am with someone who don’t fit all of my standards. I know there is no perfect man but if he only meets one or two standards then he don’t qualify. I refuse to settle. Settling in my eyes is when you talk to someone or be with someone because their convient for you and you just don’t want to be alone. That’s settling. Us as females we carry standards and yes my father has impacted my own standards for a guy I wish to pursue something bigger than myself. A commitment is bigger than one person. It’s two people coming together to be happy and grow something that’s solid. A love that stems from GOD and you build upon this between each other.

….TODAY BEYONCE’s cd comes out! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO “4”. I will be getting the real copy by the end of the week. I’m a fan and it’s only right.


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