Hello my readers,

Well I’m officially an alumni at Westwood College! It’s an huge accomplishment and milestone in my life to say I have my bachelors degree of science in Visual Communications. I just know this is where all the real work come into play because with the way the economy is and the jobs not booming it’s a hustle to get a full time job in my field. My heart has so much passion, I’m hungry to just do something in my field and get paid to do it! Lol I need more mula these days and benefits so that I’m well taken care of. So in this time I will have to hustle, hustle, hustle and hustle to get a job. My faith I will have to stand on and just wait on GOD to provide me with the job that’s suitable with for me. I’m ready for a salary and I’m ready to learn more about my field on a daily basis. Between looking for a job and writing my manuscript I will be busy. I’m trying to approach things I am dead serious about and hungry about accomplish in a different way. I know how bad I want these things and I know what it means to me to achieve all I’d say I would. My heart is full of love, care and willingness to change to become someone better. As long as I can say at the end of the day “My dreams are my reality and I’m living out my dreams”…I will be truly happy. There is nothing in this world that would be more important to me than doing what I love. I’m not concerned about love anymore or anybody elses life because I am now on my own journey to become all that I say I will. I will not waste no more time on foolishness and things/situations I can not control. I will let GOD take control of my life and just do my part as HIS CHILD. I’m truly blessed to come as far as I have so I will keep pushing to become a better and stronger woman.

…I will be updating my blog through out the week with poems from the book. Poems that have been posted are not new just poems that will be featured in the book. I’m going in hard on all my passions. Life is all we have and I will live it to the fullest!

Love, Peace and Honesty!…



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