Never Been

Never Been

I’m trying to find my better half

Ladies you know

That one who can be your rock, friend that confidant

Many men or should I say “boy” have came and gone

Which only means my heart they couldn’t hold

I’m a ever changing, loving and true kind of girl

Honestly all I need is one man to complete my world

A love that’s worth holding onto

A guy who knows a woman’s worth

A relationship that only grows

I’ve only dreamed

I pray and hope to recieve

He won’t just focus on me sexually

But mentally, physically and emotionally

The whole full complete package

I’ve experienced all types of emotions

Now, I only want true happiness

Not just in my personal life but life in general

He’ll bring a new outlook and positive view

He’ll let the truth, his emotions and love show

I’ve seen it on T.V

I’ve heard the love songs and cd’s

But I’ve never been



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