I Believe.

I Believe

Many have doubts, low hopes and no faith

But I believe

With all the negativity in this society

Someone has to think out of the box

Think positively

I’ve been doubted, still doubted and disliked

But I believe

I believe that people have a good heart

I believe God will do his part

If I do mine and you do yours

You’ll see your blessings in due time

I believe that woman are very strong minded

We’re role models. trend setters and determined

I believe men are just as strong and sometimes stronger

They’re kind, loving and brave

So many just give up easy


Many lose themselves into others

They lose focus on themselves

But I believe

I’m no where perfect, I make mistakes

But I believe in change

But others aren’t

But I believe in giving chances

Third strike or maybe even second

Your out

You never know until you try

If you don’t try; you’ll never know

My heart means the most to me

But I know others won’t see or understand that

I keep my guard up

I treat my body as the temple as it is

Not everyone will understand my ways

Or understand even who I am

But I believe


I believe that one day, a real love I’ll find

When God feels I’m ready

All the lames and short term guys

Will help me appreciate my true love

Never giving up

Praying daily

Learning from my mistakes

Facing daily challenges

All helps me become the powerful woman

I dream

It also helps me stay humble

It helps me believe


Looking at Barack Obama

Adoring the one and only baby girl Aaliyah Haughton

Admiring the one and only Beyonce Knowles

Respecting those who came before me

Learning from those who have paved the way

Inspires me to do anything

Let’s me know theres nothing wrong with having a dream

Being who you are

Believing in change

Because I believe


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