Random Thought/Update!…

Hello there my readers aka my loves,

Soooooooooo it’s been pretty crazy in my world. First and for most I want to say R.I.P Sallie Phipps, my mother’s best friends mom passed away this past Tuesday and it’s been hard on my family. Basically it feels like we’ve lost one of our own family members. So it’s been crazy with that and then I found out that I can only have 4 tickets meaning 4 people at my graduation which I’m highly upset about because graduating is the biggest moment of this journey with college but I can’t share it with everyone I love, I must just have dinner after the ceremony. But I’m still walking the stage, I was debating if I wanted to walk or not…that’s how mad I was. On some positive news I’m working on my own business and rethinking the name of my design company. Then I thought hmmm hold on let’s make this my brand something that’s catchy and sophisticated. I need a name that automatically says SHADREYA lol. “Dreya’s Designs” seems so easy and not thought out so I was like let’s redo this. Let’s add some thoughts, ideas and creativity to my name. After all I am a designer in all aspects, I want to combine my singing, writing and designing all into my name and logo. I have a few idea’s but I don’t want to say to much because I just want it to come out when everything is done. Right now I must get my ideas/thoughts out so by next week I’ll have my name and begin my logo. My book is still under way and I’m excited because I’m onto Chapter 6. I believe the book will be at least 10-12 chapters! I think I need more information after each poem or just more in general. Going back to these moments where I was weak and vulnerable is rough but it’s worth it because I feel as if it’s almost a breakthrough or like a glance back to what I was to say I am who I am now whether you like, love or hate who I am you’ll respect me and deal with me. I’m not being so nice anymore or as kind to those who take advantage.

I’m excited about a few things that’s coming up…graduation, celebrating my milestone, continuing this internship, living out my dreams and pushing harder and harder towards everything I will accomplish. I’m more than determined to get things right and shut people down. I do feel as if I’m doubted so that in itself pushes me hard.  Becoming more creative and finding more inspiration to push me harder to become better as a designer, writer and singer. I’m trying to become a brand and known for what I do. I have more than one passion so I want to brand all three into my business. I’m excited about the changes I’ve made healthy wise, my room and my outlook on life. Honestly at the end of the day my aim is to live the “Champagne Life” as Neyo said in his song. A life where I don’t have to live pay check to pay check, I can provide not just for me but for my family and those I care for. It’s the beginning to something that’s huge in my life. I have the feeling God is working on me in a way where nobody else shall understand and the determination that lives inside of my heart. I live in positivity and growth as a woman, sister, daughter, friend and mother (to my dog Cam) lol. I’m doing whatever I need in order to advance and carry out the calling God has whispered me to do in life.

Love, Peace and Honesty… 



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