You Don’t Know…

You Don’t Know

 Insecurities, confidence and self love

It’s something I’m always battling to keep

From my weight to the color of my skin

It’s truly a self battle to feel beauty within

I look in the mirror and I see who I am

People look at me and see totally different

There for it makes me wanna be someone new

But I keep ,y head up because of my crew

Being self conscience, unconfident and lost

Is a feeling I’m well known of

The tears that I’ve cried has been countless

At times I’ve lost sleep, faith and who I was

I’m constantly judged

I’m constantly on a defense

When all I want is all of it to be erased

You may think this or that

You may talk to me

You may look at me and say she’s happy

But inside I’m feeling crappy

It takes more of me to feel sexy

It takes more of me to have confidence

Because someones always trying to attack me

Attack me for being confident, feeling sexy or being who I am

When you truly have not a clue

So before talking your shit, popping off at the mouth or try to judge me

Get to know me

Because I’m telling you

You don’t know



  1. Delphine · June 6, 2011

    Hi Dreya,

    I think this is one piece i can truly identify myself with. Esp where the weight comes into picture.. Am a bit more into the other side of the weighing scale and that just makes me so insecure, less confident etc etc.., its not coz i personally feel sth wrong or bad with me but the world around me bows me down with all its pin pointing’s..
    Get to know me

    Because I’m telling you

    You don’t know…

    Even i say this…

    I wish us both a confident and cheerful life ahead.

    Cheers, Delphine

  2. dreya07 · June 8, 2011


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