Hello my loves aka my readers, 

So I’m just updating you all on everything that’s going down. I have two weeks til I graduate June 20th, 2011 quickly approaching. So I’m excited about that plus I’m celebrating on the 17th at Luxe Lounge which I’m hearing is the spot so I’m hoping all goes well with everyone I’m going with and my girls who rocks. It’s a great feeling because honestly I do feel relief and my life is back lol…I miss the people I got to connect with and know but the assignments, homework and studying no no no I don’t miss. But yesterday I was in a singing mode all day. I do miss singing and if you know me you know that’s my passion and I use to sing. Before graphic design and writing my drive and motivation was to become a singer. I’m not as serious about becoming a singer but I do wish to explore that journey in due time because I can sing. But yeah graduating and my internship I’m working on a packet and I started the cover which I’ll continue as well because I want it to stand out much as possible. I need things to look amazing and pop out so I have a few ideas in my head for this packet so I’m aiming to continue that this week. I have made 100 post which is amazing because with making 100 post I’m also gaining readers! I’m happy! So keep the comments, feedback and everything coming!!!!!

I’m working on my manuscript everyday!!! August is quickly approaching so work, work, work, work and WORK! Yes that’s all I’ll be doing my manuscript all summer and crossing my fingers for a big break beginning of next year. I haven’t really wrote any new material because I’ve been working on this manuscript very intensely. It’s a grind to get to the level I want too for my writing journey and the success too. I’m still on chapter 5 but it’s almost completed, I’m trying to keep track of which poems I have in each chapter and the storyline that I’m writing in. Because I’m writing the book in line of when I wrote the poems. This way I can write a little information after each poem and give details into each poem. Through this book I will let you into my world and into how I feel about different subjects. I’m excited and a little nervous because I’ve been getting positive feedback but then when the book is done and released I’m praying things look up and stay positive. I’m revealing much and I’m taking a chance because I’m using names. I really dislike when people cover up what truly happened so in my situations I’m only using real names and giving my perspectives through out the book. I haven’t  yet began entering into contest because I can never find the time to actually sit down and enter contest. But I hear it’s a good way to get my name out there. Hopefully its true.

So Rihanna’s been getting alot of heat from her new video “Man Down”….she responded to the whole thing saying:

“I didn’t go into it to make a controversial video,” Rihanna stated. “I wanted to make a minimovie, something raw and artistic.” Earlier today, Rihanna fired off a tweet in response to the criticism she was receiving for a video where her character shoots and kills a man. In particular, Rihanna seemed to be addressing Parents Television Council and Industry Ears, two organizations that called on television networks to pull the video from TV. “The music industry isn’t exactly Parents R Us! We have the freedom to make art, LET US! It’s your job to make sure they dont turn out like US,” Rihanna wrote. Rihanna further explained herself on the 106 call. “‘Man Down’ is a song about a girl who committed a murder that she regrets and is completely remorseful about it,” Rihanna explains. “In making that into a mini-movie or a video, we needed to go back to why it happened, because obviously she’s not a cold-blooded killer…and we decided to hone in on a very serious matter that people are afraid to address.”

For the video, Rihanna chose director Anthony Mandler, and together they came up with the story that is shaking up the industry. “I don’t like to just make videos. I love to make an experience, and this is art with a message. This time around, I wanted to explore and experiment a little bit with my acting, even more than I ever have before,” she adds.

Rihanna also says that, despite the backlash, the video is being well-received by her fans. “Girls are empowered by this. It’s easy to turn it into someting negative. I’m just really impressed that my fans get it. That was really important to me. This is a story for them. It’s not for the critics. It’s for my fans.”

Ironically enough, on the same day Rihanna was faced with this criticism, her ex Chris Brown was tweeting on a similar, yet different, topic. “I never claim to be no saint but by no means am I trying to promote death, violence, and destruction with my music!” Before the lines of communication could get confused, CB made it clear that he wasn’t referring to RiRi. “And for all the idiots in the audience this convo wasn’t for @rihanna.”

Having been a victim of domestic violence, Rihanna is conscious of how her message gets across and, though she’s not anyone’s parent, she does realize that, with great music, comes great responsibility. “Rape is happening all over the world and we continue to cover it up and pretend it doesn’t happen,” she says. “Girls and boys feel compelled to hide it from everyone…They need a voice sometimes. And if I can do that, then I’ve done my job.”


…..I love the video and honestly if they can edit the video I say go ahead but I don’t think it needs to be banned. Males always are exploiting females and I feel it’s a double standard because now that the coin is flipped it’s an issue. But the issue that is addressed is “rape” which is something that happens everyday and it’s important for those victims to get their voices out and from what I can tell Rihanna is tryin to be that voice.

As woman I think we should empower each other more and help each other rather than tear each other down with negativity. One thing I wish to do through my book and poetry is to empower woman especially and bring them together. I also want to bring the african american community together as well. I got much on my agenda but I feel it’s all worth it at the end of the day. Words can be powerful if used correctly. But I also want my actions to speak louder so that the world knows this is not a game. This is so serious.

Love, Peace and Honesty…





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