I Can’t Take No More…

I Can’t Take No More

It’s really been weighing on me

Tell me what did I do to you?

To have ya’ll hating on me

When I have nothing to prove

And nothing to lose

Sometimes I shake my head

Thinking about the things been said

While I’m laying down in my bed

When you really don’t know me

Accusations, judgements, comments, smirks that’s coming towards me

Try to dodge em

They follow

The pain, tears, frustration and all of it it bull

I’m just at a point where I’m tired

I’m starting to hear the shit in my head

It only gets louder

Your opinions, thoughts and negativity is meaningless

You don’t know me

You don’t pay my bills

So what does it mean to you to look down on me?

I’m not myself lately

And it’s not in my character for me to feed into you

I’m feelin a lil incomplete

But I won’t lose no sleep

I keep it all in my mind

Cause inside I know it’s gotta get better in time

Why don’t you live your life

And let me live mine

You must admire me, spend so much time with me consuming your head

How about you give it a rest

Do what you do

Forget what you thought you knew

Or felt was true

Who I am, who I choose to be

You wish you knew

But you really have no clue

The pain, lies, aggression, disrespect, rumors, judgements and bullshit

I put up with

I really ain’t got that time

At the end what is it all for?

I’m tired of even thinking about it all

Practically, I can’t take no more


When I wrote this poem I was listening to Beyonce’s “I Can’t Take No More” it’s a song I listen to when I’m really down and out of it. It brings me back to this very moment when I wrote this poem because my heart, my soul and my mind was done at this point with negativity. I was giving so much energy into what people felt about me, how I looked, what I did and I just felt frustrated with it all. I wanted to crawl up into a shell to go back to when it was just me and my family. I didn’t want friends and I just wanted to stay to myself. My heart had felt so many disappointments, let downs and sad news that I couldn’t bare anything else. I knew that I needed to make changes at this moment because I didn’t like this feeling I was having or the pain in my heart. I was at my breaking point honestly with everything surrounding me, myself and my life.



  1. Delphine · June 5, 2011

    Hi Dreya,

    Loved your poem.. you are right.. we take so much shit from this world and the people around us for no fault or reason that at one point of time we cant take more… just loved the way you put across the emotions..
    Visit my blog whenever you find some time


  2. dreya07 · June 5, 2011


    Wow! It means much to me for you to stop by and take the time to read as well as comment on a poem of mine. Thanks for coming by my page, please come again. I enjoy all feedback! And I’ll read your blog in return. Thanks again!!!….

    Dreya ❤

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