Rihanna….Man Down Video…my thoughts

Well as anything else I had to say something about this “disturbing” video to some. To me…this video reflects society when it comes to RAPE. So there for since it’s a subject that people don’t care to discuss it’s a video that’s “disturbing”. Rihanna has been edgy since “Good Girl Turned Bad” and that bad never left lol but it’s all entertainment. As everyone else in this world Rihanna has her own story and she gives us glimpse of it when she wants too. It’s crazy how people read so deep into videos these days. But artist do these kind of videos because of how people will or “possibly” perceive and respond to videos that aren’t typical. Rihanna has grown on me I will say and I can now say I like her. She does things that many females are scared to do and she pushes limits. Society wants everything conservative and private NO WAKE UP there is a new generation out here and Rihanna is just giving it you in your face and raw. So because she’s so raw people are offended and outraged. It’s funny to me. People need to realize life is not pretty and where Rihanna grew up at there is a lot of things probably we don’t know of and she just voicing stories out especially in this song. So kudo’s to Rihanna for making people talk, that’s what artist do. You will make history with being so edgy and care free lol muah..

Love, Peace and Honesty!!!



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