New Chapter…{Update}…

Hey my lovely readers aka my loves,

Well first off I must say I appreciate all the readers and comments that’s left on my blog, it’s well appreciated and it let’s me know what I’m giving you guys you are enjoying and I’m pushing in the right direction with my writings, book and these blogs. I have a very strong opinions when it comes to certain things and I do voice my opinions in my blogs. Hate it or love it, it is what it is. I’m at a place in my life where I’m happy. I feel a huge relief and I’m finally moving forward with situations I should of let go long time ago and making needed changes to pursue my happiness. I’m not a negative person in no shape or form. When I begin to feel as if I’m becoming someone I’m not or if I’m feeling unappreciated I must make changes. So as a result I have wrote each and every person in my support system and my circle to let each individual know what it is and how I’m feeling. If you been reading for awhile you know I have a long list of supporters and a circle that got my back like no other. They bend backwards for me so honestly I had to show my appreciation. I don’t have money to give them lavish gifts as I would if I did but I did write each person a letter to tell them what they mean to me and just vent out things I needed them to know. After writing 14 letters I feel a HUGE relief. I called this my emotional freedom because the only way I know how to voice how I feel and be raw with it is through writing. I’m working on my verbal venting but writing is where it just pops off easy. But I just feel like I needed to break and I needed to take back control in my life. And that’s what I’m doing. I’m making changes inside and out, facing all fears and courageously admitting my faults like a real woman does. I’m a woman and I’m in the process to becoming a grown ass woman. I love God and I pray he continues to shower me with HIS blessings and keep working with me because I feel his presence and his blessings all the time. He makes me smile and he’s my comfort.

This emotional freedom, graduating, losing weight, changing and moving on is all apart of this new chapter of my life. June 20th, 2011 is the start of my new life. I will officially be a graduate and I can frame both degrees…my associates and bachelors side by side because honestly it took some hard tears and work to get these degrees. So I’m just really trying to push myself and my limits to become the woman I know I can be. It’s an amazing feeling when your dreams are your reality and you can say “I’m living out my dreams” so that’s my aim and nobody will stop me. Stay tuned….it’s only going to get better from here.

Love, Peace and Honesty,




  1. Kevinia · June 1, 2011

    I really don’t have much to say and Im not that good at words like you but I just want to say you’re on fire with your writing skills. Keep doing what you do, I know it will pay off in the long run cuz you have the heart of a champion and a great strive to make things happen. That’s what I like about you. You have a strong determination and sometimes remind me of myself because that’s how I am too. Never give up your dreams and keep moving forward. I know its been a long time coming but you did it and you will now have two degrees to show for it. You been through a lot and you deserve all the success and happiness cuz you’ve worked hard for it. Wish you much success in all your future endeavors. Congratulations! Im glad that you’re happy and I am proud and honored to know and have a friend like you.

    Peace! 1 Luv (Smarty) 🙂

  2. dreya07 · June 1, 2011

    AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! I love you too Kevinia! You up next boo! It’s been a long time coming for you too as well and everything happens for a reason and just stay in the fight, like you told me don’t give up. We all have a talent that God wants us to find and let it shine. Thankfully we’ve found our talent(s) and we’re moving forward in a big way to better ourselves and one day become business woman we dream of. You are very intelligent and that’s what I love about you and you stay true to who you are and that’s important. It’s friends like you that keep me going and keep a fire under my booty to not give in when I’m down. I could go on for days but I’m blessed to have your presence in my life and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us….

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