And Still I Smile…

And I still smile

Day by day you hurt me

You stay accusing me

But you say “I love you”…

I do the world for you

And you do a half job when it comes to me

There’s no doubt imma hold you down

Cuz at times you’ve held me down

But I’m always there for you

Now how does that sound?

You watch me cry myself to sleep

Then end up with saying sorry to end it

But you know “sorry” didn’t do it

I supported you all day, everyday

All is hear “Baby, I’m sorry, I can’t make it”…

Or “You shouldn’t do that cuz…”

Never do I say “You shouldn’t, you can’t or never”

Because anything’s possible

It’s amazing how your quick to run to me

When no one’s around or you need something

You abuse your privileges and advantages

You seem to always take what we have for granted

But somehow I got love for you

And I wanna be with you

It’s like no matter what happens I’m there

And still I smile



  1. Kevinia · June 1, 2011

    You’re amazing! I don’t know why you haven’t been discovered yet. This is a cool poem, I like it.

    • dreya07 · June 1, 2011

      Thanks! Lol funny thing is…this is old but it’s a great poem. =) with due time I’ll get my shine…

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