I <3 Beyonce…

This video is the reason I love Beyonce, there’s no doubt she has a talent and she motivates me to keep going in the direction that I’m in and even pursue my own singing career because music and singing are my first loves. I grew up with Hip-hop and R&B. I began singing at a young age with these girls I grew up with. In the mornings we would sing different songs that were out and I always was lead. Then once I was in 5th grade I become apart of a group called “Just Uz” which was my first singing group with three other ladies and we did some amazing performances while that age we lasted two years I believe then I wanted to part ways due to the vision I had for the group and what I felt we needed to be doing but we weren’t on the same page so I left. I began another group with a close friend Paloma but that didn’t last either so I just started singing myself. It’s something I’ve always loved and I connect deep with music. But Beyonce is someone I admire vocally and as an artist. The fact that she pushes her limits and only gets better with time is the ultimate progress with being an artist. I LOVE BEYONCE<3 muah…


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