Random Thoughts…

As I continue my journey on each of my
career paths I try to remember that I’m not just doing this for me. I promise you when I was younger I had no clue that I was even going to have people read my poetry. It started out something so deep and personal to me that I didn’t want to spoil it by having people voice their own thoughts or opinions on my poems because majority of my poems stem from my own situations so my poems has value to my heart and my soul. When people first read my poems it was a shock because many people don’t know my talent and they don’t know my experiences. So when they read my work its almost like a mind blowing situation because they didn’t know. Now I still write for the same purposes because writing is my element where it’s my judgement free zone and it’s where I can vent without people down my throat at all times. So I feel comfortable. When someone says “I’ve experienced that”…”I didn’t know you could write like this” or “Your poems are beautiful” it’s like wow. I don’t write to please people, I write because it’s what I do and it’s a passion. I’ve always tried to please everyone else on anything else but WRITING is all me, sorry I don’t like having restrictions especially when I’m in my feelings and I just need to vent it out. That’s where writing compliments me the most.

I know that there are some girls out there who can’t say “I’m beautiful”…I know that there’s a girl out there who hasn’t embraced her chocolate skin tone…I know that there’s a girl who can’t give out an happy smile because of the pain situations bring and I know that on today’s society woman empowerment needs to be stronger than EVER before. Not only that I know that I’m apart of communities that’s bigger than just I. I’m an african american first then I’m a woman second both put together creates many barriers, struggles, battles but strength as well. I stand upon shoulders and I come from a long line and list of strong, independent and ambitious woman. I admire and become inspired by mother, mother(s), friends and life. I’ve embraced life for what it truly is and I look forward everyday for more knowledge and I can truly smile and its a happy smile. I just want to push woman empowerment to a generation that truly needs it and bring that voice to those who don’t believe they have them. Everybody has a voice you just gotta find it…

Love, Peace and Honesty,



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