Hey readers<3,

Ok ya’ll get double the post today lol alright so I’ve been two months natural and anyone who is natural knows it’s a process! But I honestly love it and once it grows out more and full in areas where it isn’t as long I will be rocking my fro. I think Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Rochelle Jordan, India Arie are all beautiful woman with their NATURAL God given hair. I think one of the biggest misconceptions is the fact that natural hair is “bad” hair because honest it’s not. You can have permed hair and it be bad hair because it’s all about how you take care of it and the up keep. Hair needs care and depending on how you treat it will be healthy and long. So I just get mad when people talk bad about natural and prior to going natural I said I could never but now that I am and I do research and I see all the neat things you can do with natural hair I love it. It’s all about research these days and knowledge. Don’t speak on something you don’t know about, kinda like how people read into this whole illuminati crap. My take on that is they gotta answer to GOD so there for I have nothing to do with it. People so caught up into graphics and colors that’s its crazy! People need to live their lives and stop worrying about these celebrities who will continue to portray these things and do things because they know people are being “entertained” and I’m speaking mainly because Jay-Z has spoken upon this subject SEVERAL times and honestly if you don’t believe him tough cookie you probably one who believe Osama Bin Laden still alive. Like really give it a rest. I’m tired of hearing about the Illuminati stuf f then it gets connected to “Freemason” and honestly people are getting offended because many people in the black community or in general are Mason’s and they don’t like this whole “illumanti” mess. I was talking to my friend Octavia and her dad is a Mason and she was just telling me how people quick to make these stories and lies but don’t even know what the Freemason’s are and have no clue of what their talking about. But I understand where she’s coming from, if you don’t know anything upon the history the REAL HISTORY NOT YOUR OWN VERSION lol don’t speak on the subject.

Back to the subject at hand but I think people should stop having these negative perceptions of things they have no clue about. Until you go through it and do research shut up lol Besides me being two months natural I’ve been into my freelance work and trying to network even more. The internship is going well. Currently working on different photo collages…fun, fun, fun and then a packet for the October Bridal show. Then I want to go back into high gear of  looking for a full time graphic design job to hopefully get out of retail to pursue bigger and better things to enhance my life and my dreams not someone elses. I’m at a point in my life where I’m ready to live. I’m ready to finally achieve the things people said I couldn’t and do things people doubted me on. Make all them people who think thick girls can’t do this and can’t do that make ya’ll see we can do it. Then just prove that the black community can be positive and live out our dreams. I want the black community to bring back the unity we had when Martin Luther King, Rosa Park and even prior to that when Harriet Tubman along with other slaves was doing the underground rail road…that unity that made us one. U-N-I-T-Y like Queen Latifah said. Let’s stop hating on each other and being jealous of each other. Can we embrace each other? Can we love one another? Can we help one another? It’s just crazy because we had to battle so much to get freedom and to gain respect and now we out here disrespecting ourselves….smh. But it’s something I think we’ll get together slowly but surely. I love black people and I think with time we’ll come together as one. But this light skin vs. dark skin things is so old, it needs to be #DEAD. It’s hurting out community in a major way….let it go folks.

Far as the book is concerned the book is now on CHAPTER 5. The book is progressing slowly and the more that gets completed the more excited I get about the rest of the process because I’m still at the beginning of this process lol long process to go that’s why my editing must get started by the end of july or the end of august….MUST. I think the title will be “Love, Peace and Honesty”….I’m loving the title and concept but who knows by time the title part comes to a final decision I may change it so we’ll see. Um I’m still talking to guys no boyfriend yet. Me and the Ex been arguing smh as usual. If I don’t do something he’s mad and it’s just ugh lol it’s an crazy situation that I question sometimes because we were so close and in love last year so its like an total different scenario. Falling in love twice with him has pulled me in so many directions several times through out this whole situation and I’m trying not to fall into our pattern because my heart yearns for his love all the time because he was the last person I fell in love with and he has helped me though so many things with my family I just find myself missing him at certain times and then when we argue I’m like okay this is why we aren’t together and we shouldn’t even be arguing we not together dude lol…LOVE IS ONE CRAZY EMOTION. But it’s the key to all relationships. Love, Peace and Honesty….



….natural beauties



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