Random Thoughts….

Hello my readers!…also known as my loves,

I have been posting some poems from my book that has been written from the past. Giving you guys aka my readers a preview of what  will be in the book! But this post today is for my african american woman struggling to accept their skin tone. I struggles years to accept who GOD has made me and the skin tone HE’s gave me and now I rock this skin like its never going out of style, lol. But I came across this video that I wanted to share because it touches homes for me as a dark skin girl because there has been times in my life where I couldn’t grasp my own skin tone, I couldn’t say oh I’m beautiful and I would say “man I wish I was light skin”. I have had caucasian woman tell me my skin tone is gorgeous and that they wish they had my skin tone and I wasn’t able to even say “I’m beautiful”. Until you’ve experienced this honestly you could NEVER understand because it’s such a heavy topic within african american WOMAN and the community in itself. Its a hurtful thing that african american men have to choose what skin tone they want instead of the personality and strengths the woman carries for herself and others. So it’s a crazy topic that I just wish would go away but it won’t because its a repeating cycle that will keep repeating because too many are scared to speak of the topic and scared to even talk about skin tone especially dark skin woman scared to talk about being dark skin and embracing it in a sense of positivity. I love being black and I love my skin tone. It’s either you take me as I am or NOTHING AT ALL.

Love, Peace and Honesty!!!!…



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