Unchain My Heart…

Unchain My Heart

Those who have hurt me never did deserve me

Everything that I’ve experienced I’ve learned from

Now, it’s a battle to get away from

Toss and turn

Start and stop again

Make promises to myself but ended up back at point A

Love, happiness and having a free heart

Thats all I truly want

The triumph, unnecessary and hurtful acts

That’s something I want to get out of me that’s a fact

Being the woman I need to be and the woman nobody expected that’s what I see

Pain covers my soul

It gets louder and louder each time the memories reflect like my shadow

Boils up so much I crack

I gain trust in people just to be let down

Be the best person I can be

So being known as someone I’m not will never be

Looking at the situations I’ve escaped

Has made me a better person at the end of the day

But the truth, advice and friendships I’ve gave

Seems like I’m falling back into the same trap

A trap I keep escaping

If I need one thing its to let go of this pain

Crying feels natural too

I’ve blamed myself for everything

Each time I ended up crying to sleep

My heart carries the best of me

It’s the fragile part of me

My heart misses pure and genuine people

It’s craving another high

A high that can’t be taken or broken

But at the same time it’s caged

Caged because I have a heart that’s scared

Not of life but the cruel people in it

I’m just asking GOD to unchain my heart


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