Random Thoughts…

Today I was watching Oprah’s final show and Monday as well and probably tomorrow’s as well, lol. But watching Oprah just makes you

feel good and inspires you to be more then you are and push yourself to the maximum potential you can be. I know for myself I was touched when I seen all these african american men who are “Moorehouse Men” gather on stage who were recipents of Oprah’s scholarships. All of these black men educated and Oprah help put them through college. It’s touching because in my eyes us meaning african americans/black people are so under estimated and under rated because of the negative light that’s portrayed on t.v or in the media. I think Oprah helped bring out the good in everyone even in african american people. I love that about Oprah. With my voice and book(s) I am hoping that I can not only help people and a generation gain self confidence back but help build the african american community. I love black people. I think we are the most beautiful race because we have so many shades, body types and personality that can’t be compared no other race. I want to be able to touch lives in away nobody else can and being an inspiration for a lifetime. I want to help close this gap between dark skin and light skin in the black community. It’s a scenario I’m too familiar with and I’m sick of to be honest. Regardless if you are white, black, indian, chinese, asian, hispanic or whatever you may be your ethencity we carry our own talents, beauty and uniqueness. Why must color be a factor? Especiallywhen we all are in the same fight especially in an economy like the one we are in today. We are too busy fighting against each other rather than trying to work with each other and it’s a sad situation. We are better than what we are portraying and what we are doing.

Love is the key to all relationships. Love is the key to life and love helps heal all wounds. This past sunday at Church Love was the topic for the service and it touched my heart because Love is what I’m so passionate about in life and it’s what keeps me going on a day to day basis. So I was very emotional and touched during the service. I love church. I need JESUS just as much as I need LOVE. Thats how I feel because there’s so much negativity and I believe love is what will keep me from the craziness. The love from my family and friends who are my support system I believe that I will be just fine. But Love can be such an magical thing when treated right and Love is a person, place and a thing, it’s a noun. If you think about it you’ll totally understand. God is LOVE so God will provide you with all the love we need to carry through each and every situation he puts us in. I can’t event count how many times my back has been up against the wall and my heart felt hopeless. God has picked me up so many times I feel as if sometimes I do so many wrongs how can HE forgive me but he does. He holds no books of wrongs he just loves us and I’m more than grateful I’m truly blessed to have a LOVING GOD. I feel like I’m preaching over here but I think if people knew how much love has for each of us we would appreciate GOD and life so much more than our society do. It’s not about the money, cars, clothes or anything it’s about God’s blessings and the purpose he carries for us. When I look inside myself I know that God has my back and I know that God hears my cry every time. I’m nowhere near perfect but for him I’ll do what I gotta do to serve his purpose. Without him…I’m nothing! On that note, I want my readers to check yourself and look inside yourself. Stop being rude, learn forgiveness, fight for what’s right, gain some respect and stop acting GHETTO get some class. God watches everything and he see, hears and knows everything we do. Let’s get it together to get it right ya’ll!!!!! Muah! Keep reading I’m writing more every day!

Love, Peace and Honesty,



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