Random Thoughts….

Past few days I’ve been trying to dig deep into myself and gain inspiration from current situations, things going on in my life, listening to Beyonce and my new favorite R&B artist who is up and coming. Her song is called “How to feel” and it speaks to how I’m feeling and thinking at this time about a certain situation going on in my life. I’ve been working really hard on my book manuscript because its something that dear to me and close to my heart to finish and get published so I can get on my grind hard with being a writer. My thoughts, feelings and situations with self. confidence, love and relationships will be surprising to someĀ because some don’t know I’m as experienced within these topics and that I have a great amount of knowledge and intelligence in these topics too. Furthermore I’m telling my side of the story with situations I feel I wasn’t able to let my side be known or get my emotions out on the table. Many people have taken advantage of my kindness and the fact that I’m a nice person with a pure heart. It’s annoying and I had to put it to a stop. But right now I’m just really trying to let people do what they do and live m own life. I’m for the first time in my life not putting people first or stressing over other people’s problems. So many people in my life put themselves in dumb, immature and stupid situations and ask me for advice but then after we have this long, drawn out and painful conversation you do what you want anyway so it’s pointless for me to speak on the issues that we talked about in the first place. But I’m very excited about my book and I have this list of new poems I need to write. But I have been busy with my internship and family I haven’t been able to focus to much on my poetry. Which is sad but true. But here are some pictures of the artist I’ve been on love with Rochelle Jordan she is on youtube and I downloaded her songs and been listening to it everyday since I downloaded it. It’s important to me to gain inspiration and knowledge from outside sources because its good to think outside of the box from what your use too. But I shall be posting my normal post soon!!!!!!!

Love, Peace && Honesty!!!!



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