So Hard…

So Hard

Dealing with all that I have

Makes me very hesitant

I feel like my heart keep falling

When it falls it’s love I’m calling

Since I love hard

I’m trying to keep up my guard

I can’t go through the tears

Failing at love is a fear

It can get to a point were I’m scared

I catch myself comparing the two

I feel like it’s unfair to the boy that’s new

Because my past is holding me back

I can’t move from this spot

When I love someone I give my all

But I can’t take another fall

I’m feeling him badly

I just can’t seem to let my past go

This is hurting me

I can’t do this

I need love

I want love

I feel I deserve love

But finding it…

is so hard….


One comment

  1. a very beautiful poem full of feeling and love to its shows how you feel as a person too. very good i enjoyed it.from kevin.

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