My heart doesn’t wanna stop loving you

My heart doesn’t wanna stop loving you 

 I conversate with different men

I deal with several men

I like different men

But I love you

The level of happiness

The level of chemistry

The level of anxiousness

All came from the connection

Some how it has gotten lost

Now I’m feeling it more and more

We still talk to each other

But it’s not the same between us

You don’t talk to me the same

You don’t care like before

Almost a year and we don’t click

My mind has moved on

As the same for my body

My heart is just in the same spot

In your hands

Nobody gets why I love you

But what we have is between me and you

I don’t compare you to none

Because finding another you

Hmph there’s is no other

I promise only you can make me feel this way

Only you can break me down this way

There’s not much I can say anymore

Just that I yern for our connection

Everyday more and more

Your heart is all I care about

How much I’ll spend on you or to see you there’s no amount

I’m removing myself from the situation

It’s hard because having thoughts of your love

Always leaves me with an sensation

To say that I’m completely over you

Would be foolish

How do you get over someone you never truly got a fair chance with?

You reintroduced love into my life

And now your barely in my life

I’m ok, in due time I’ll handle this better

Sometimes I think “maybe I should of never took the chance with the long distant


Because my heart doesn’t wanna stop loving you

Comment and give me your thoughts….thanks.



  1. heres another lovely poem full of romance and love and so beautiful written to keep up the good work.

    • dreya07 · May 17, 2011

      Thank you! I am trying!!!!!!

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