Hello readers also known as my loves,

Yesterday I had my internship event a bridal show which was a success. Very intimate and personal where people could talk to vendors, talk to the lady who owns the bridal gallery and NeCoya the lady I intern with. The company I intern with is called “All About You Event Planning” and I’m the marketing assistant. I created the flyer for the event we had yesterday and I help promote, create flyers, advertise and go to the actual events. So that part of my life is going smooth and I’m just enjoying the process as it comes to me. I want to learn as much as I can from her and gain success through this internship. Besides my internship everyday I’m adding onto my manuscript and making my book as personal, unique and just a break through for myself. I want to get my design career and writing career off the grown. So finding different contest and going to poetry lounges are my next adventures with writing. Expanding my mind and gaining more of a readers base with each move I make. It’s important for me to gain readers so that I can make my mark on society and impact as many lives as I can because ultimately that’s my goal in life. Even with designing I want to just be on a established team working to find create solutions and being able to do my own freelance as well. I have so much riding at this time but I have three passions in life that’s singing, writing and designing. I wish to pursue all three but in order to do all I must focus on one to get my foot in the door. I’ve got my degree in Visual Communications now its time to get my writing booming the way I want it too so by the end of this year I can possibly look into book deals. I want to be apart the whole book process from the creations of the cover, chapter titles, how long the chapters will be and if possible pictures being used. I’m looking to see how unique I can make my book so that each book is as personal so that my readers can get a better feel of who I am and be along this journey with me. I understand how my readers are my success and I do have an audience who read my work so it means much to me to have my book be exactly the way I see it in my head so I have much going on far as my book goes.

….I’m still making progress with writing people in my life one by one to get emotional freedom as I’m calling it to make changes in my life. I’m trying to gain more control in my life and live to the fullest extent. Everybody dies but not everybody lives said best by DRAKE. I keep that motto in my head to push myself day to day so that I live to the fullest with no hold backs. It means much to to be who I am and just live out my dreams. I do have new poems in the works. I think I may post a few this week so that you can get a glimpse of where my minds is and get a deeper look into my writing stand point. I will be posting the link to my internship and to my web portfolio. Enjoy! Stay tuned and come back for more interesting thoughts, updates and poems!!!!!

Love, Peace and Honesty!!!….


internship – http://www.aayouevents.com/

web portfolio – http://www.wix.com/scrudup07/dreyadesignsportfoliosite#!



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