Random Thoughts…

Hello my loves aka my readers,

I love a good conversation and I been working out with my good friend Octavia and we discuss A LOT. About life in general and our direction. Recenlty we talked about how important it is to know ourselves. Females in general don’t like to be alone and it’s a BIG issue because we don’t take time to find out who we are before getting into a relationship, before getting married, having children and taking that commitment to something bigger than yourself. Being able to be single to me in that time frame of being single you should be rebuilding yourself inside and out in order to get something that’s worth your time and effort. Many chicks out here settling and just taking whatever come they way. Not wanting someone with goals, good appearance, manners, aspirations in life and just that good solid foundation that makes a MAN. Females want a MAN OUT OF A BOY! It’s impossible to get what you want out of someone who don’t know what a grown ass man is or have a role model to say oh ok this is what a man do and don’t do. It’s important because too many females out here looking for the wrong thing in guys because they afraid of being alone, they see someone in their life settling with a man and so they think it’s ok. Woman have value and it should be complimented with a MAN who will allow that value to shine and shine BRIGHT.

Ladies if your a mother and you have a daughter…it’s important if you have a man to have that role model as your man. Why? Because your daughter is looking at your situation, standards and etc. If you decide to settle and not go after a man with the standards that you truly look for then that makes it okay in your daughters eyes. If your alone then it pushes your daughter to settle for just anyone just to be in a relationship to feel LOVED. Love comes from self. IF you can’t love yourself than how do you expect to give it? OR better yet if the guy your talking to don’t have a father figure or someone in their life to give them love or never felt love…how can he give you love? If your not comfortable in your own skin and able to say your beautiful, sexy and confident with the words coming out your mouth…how can you give love? It’s impossible. Same goes for happiness! Just because your in a relationship doesn’t mean your happy. You could just be in a relationship to be in a relationship…just to be able to say “At least I’m not alone”…females are so scared to be single its sad.

A woman to me is someone who can be single, in a relationship, married or even divorce and define who they are, be happy with them self and just be comfortable in their skin. Its not my definition of a woman its juat the gist of the blog lol but a woman is more than just a nut, one night stand, a moment or a guy settles for. Our value can’t be defined and we must respect ourselves in that fashion. If you a side chick and all the sudden wanna be the main dish…um sweetie what makes you think you will be the main dish if you was originally the side dish? I’m keeping it 100. Females expect the impossible out off lil ass boys and it’s crazy. I’m done with people who wish to settle in life and want to just be at the same level. There is too much of life out here to settle and you gotta push yourself in order to get that man and make it do what it do. If you know your worth more than a dime…I use dime because these days everyone thinks a dime is ALOT UM NO lol its only 10 cents and I’m worth more than that lol my point being…ladies step it up. Get some standards and stick to them. Don’t follow no one else choices by your own. Get it together!!!!

Love, Peace and Honesty!!!!!!…

Dreya ❤



  1. Devin · May 13, 2011

    This is the truth and definitely an inspiration! I love the place that we are at right now in our lives its well needed…and I think that you and Octavia def have some valid points…NO MORE SETTLING! Time to define who WE are! I love you so much ❤

  2. Dreya · May 13, 2011

    I love you too!!!!!!!! Octavia is very deep and I’m sooooooo happy we’re close AGAIN! Yes this time is needed and we gotta enjoy every moment!!!!

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