Hello my loves also known as my readers,

So I’m at the moment adding onto my manuscript and I wanted to let you guys know I was doing so. It’s hard for me to find the time to actually sit down and write but I’m making myself get this done. I also would like to find different contest to enter my poems in. It’s exciting know that people are reading my blogs and supporting me as I take this journey into different things because I’m into so much that I do need to focus one at a time. But I’ve decided by the end of August I would like to be done with this manuscript. I’m in Chapter 4 at the moment, I had to locate what journal I had ended at because I have so many freaking journals with poems and diaries. I want this book to be ground breaking, a break through and something I can say leaves a mark in people’s minds. I know people enjoy y poetry I just want to impact the generation after me because they’re so much negativity in this world. I’ve said prior I want to be the voice for those who can’t, not strong enough and bashful. I want to bring people together and break barriers to be able to step into a world of freedom and peace. I enjoy writing and I hope people can get that through reading my poems. I try to make it relatable and understandable! It’s hard to have people on the same page as you for certain things but thus far with my poetry people get it and I’m making people think which is my purpose. I don’t want people to be judgemental before knowing an individual and I don’t want people causing harm to someone because they aren’t quote on quote “normal” or just different from you.

My internship is going great! I love it just doing a lot of research on advertising and promoting a bridal show and getting her business out there. I made my first flyer as well for her bridal show on May 15th, 2011. It’s exciting. Now I’m just doing research and searching for a vendor. But I truly am trying to reach my full potential and be able to go without. I have more than I can ask so at this time I’m okay without certain things I’m trying to save and just think about my dreams and pursuing what I want to do so passionately. As you see I’m updating more and more which I LOVE! I promise to keep you updated with everything! This journey is not just mine but someone everyone else around me because along this journey I’ve had plenty of HELP! It’s not ME it’s WE! Ok back to the manuscript…

Love, Peace and Honesty! 



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