Like You…

*this is in my book….old poem but I love it

Like You

These 5 powerful women I admire for several reasons

Each of them have different personalities

I don’t care if you don’t like them

You can hate it or love it

Beyonce Giselle Knowles 

I love her with so much passion

She got all eyes on her when she walks into a room

She got a voice where no one can touch her

She’s on a level everyone wants to get too

I personally love her because she made curves okay

She wasn’t afraid to show off her figure

No matter what people say you press on

No matter the situation she stayed strong

That’s why I wanna be

Just Like You…

Mary J. Blige

The voice of the black woman’s struggle, the voice of the ghetto and the queen

She went through everything

Drugs, abuse and a high school drop out

Mary stay on top of her game

She has no shame

Mary’s just great in her own way

What else can I say?

It’s Mary J. Blige

That’s why I wanna be

Just Like You…


She’s new on the scene

She’s making many fans scream

People stay talking about the princess

But she finds a way to make it through

I love her because she’s humble

Talented, smooth. ill on the floor and so beautiful

I love when I see her progress

I love when I hear her sing

That’s why I wanna be

Just Like You

The queen bee who stay on her game

The woman who is so much more


There are so many rumors about you mama

I love everything about her

She’s real, ill on the mic and sweet

From ladies night, crush on you and no time

I love Kim

She in jail but she coming home soon

She’s true to her own

Repping Brooklyn to the fullest

It’s a beautiful day when she come through

It ain’t nothing till the Queen Bee there

Inspiring, strong and powerful

Yeah, I wanna be just like her

The Queen Bee


That’s why I wanna be

Just Like You


Most angelic and beautifulist one I ever seen

The highest most exalted one

Although she has gone on to a better life

She’s always missed

I will always love her voice, legacy and skills

She was the illest on the floor no matter when

She was just sick with it

Her shine was dimmed to quick

But as long as I’ a fan I’ll keep it going

One day we will meet it’s just destined to be

That’s why I wanna be

Just Like You…

This poem was written awhile ago! But I very much feel the same way when I wrote this poem all five of these ladies I respect, love and care about. Beyonce, Mary, Kim, Ciara and babygirl Aaliyah are woman I can relate too and I see a little of myself in each of them and that’s what I love about them. Each of them are gorgeous in their own right. I would never compare two artist because in my eyes every artist has something about them that shines. Each artist bring something to the table that people love and long as they can flaunt it right they will get money. I respect anyone’s hustle, make that money and make it do what it do because life is too short for bs. But I look into these five females something that I love and that being real, each of them are real and even BEYONCE! There’s this ugly rumor she’s not human and evil. I don’t know her personally but I’ve seen plenty of dvd’s, interviews and read books to know she’s a human just like me and you. Beyonce is someone I am so anxious to meet, she is one of the main individual who has made me as confidant as I am as a woman and I respect her because she pursues everything with passion and love. When I see Beyonce on stage I see happiness. I’m a singer and on that part of me the singer part it connects with Beyonce on every level. Music is her life and it’s mine too so Mrs. Knowles now Mrs. Carter I can’t to the day I meet you to tell you the impact you have given me and how much respect I have for you as a woman, artist and business woman!


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