The Love I Won’t Regret {Old Poem}…

The Love I Won’t Regret

Since you’ve been away

My days has gone gray

And my heart has nothing to say

You picked my soul up

And you blew it up

You almost made me feel like a dove

The moments where I hated you

I can only look past

But I only want my love for you to last

As I sit

I think…

“How could I been better?”

“How could I made this last?”

“How come we didn’t last?”

It’s all in my mind

I hope one day the answers I’ll find

All these pieces that were broken

Now, feels like tokens

It feels like someone keeps using my love

Over and over and over again

And it hurts because you were my happiness I loved within

You blew me away with your sweetness and your love

But I guess your love didn’t go well with my love

I always will love you

Because the way I felt was all for and about you

I know I have to let you go

But the way I feel I will never be able to show

I’m glad I have you

You and I in this friendship

I can’t say good-bye

Because we still have that kind affection

And you pay me so much attention

But it’s safe for me to say

You’re the love I won’t regret!


One comment

  1. toasty redhead · May 14, 2011

    Thank you for a great post.

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