4.25.2011 {Update}…

Hello my readers,

I’m in a great position to just focus on two fields that I’m passionate about. I’m focused on my internship and my writing because writing is the next thing I need to get off the ground. I’m trying to get my name known on a high level especially in the main entertainment industry. I’m getting to photography more. So I’m considering this as a hobby more so an career because it’s so much work to put into careers to get successful at it especially “photography”.  But graphic design I’m willing to build my success from bottom up because its my dream. I’ve been working hard since I was 15 and I won’t stop until I’m wealthy, living comfortable and everything I’ve ever dreamed is fulfilled to be my reality. I’ve never felt so motivated and compelled to do my passions in life. It’s so easy to give up and not do as you said you would. I have a gut feeling that I will do everything I said I would and more. I made a promise to myself and I refuse to give less than my all into my dreams. I don’t believe my dreams that I’m hustling to fulfill is un-dueable. My heart has been crushed so many times with guys I’m going in on myself and just putting FAITH first because I won’t let myself down, I refuse.

I put alot of effort into being there for my family, friends and people’s occasions. I’m no longer feeding into bullshit and ignorance from no body. I am not afraid to speak my mind no more or let someone know they out of their lane. I’m always known to be “nice” and I’m tired of it because people take advantage of it. I’m not gonna be the quiet one and you won’t take advantage of me. My concern is about me right now. I’m to old for bullshit and stupidity from these females choices. I feel like if I can hold out on certain things and use my head instead of spreading my legs so can these females. I get in my feelings real bad when it comes to these young chicks having babies. Another thing on my head is the fact that black people won’t go get help when it’s needed. If your emotionally unstable, mourning longer than what’s healthy and just not trying to live life to it’s fullest potential then you should be seeking help from someone. Black people are so hush when it comes to problems like “abuse” like drugs, alcohol, domestic or just in general emotional abuse. Besides abuse lets keep it real all of the incest that happens is dumb crazy and the pain caused by it is even worse. If your not willing to go get the help then more than likely your gonna act out those emotions that cause the hurt, anger, frustration, confusion and etc. It’s not healthy to live with so much built inside.

My writing will consist of more subjects and trying to get people to open their minds, hearts and soul. I want especially the african american community to get healed and educated for themselves to live longer and happier. It truly saddens my heart when so much hurt goes on in people’s lives and they go decades without seeking professional help from a psychologist who will get them to face everything they don’t wish to face. Your past can hurt your future if you don’t face what’s hurting you can moving on from it. It’s better to cry them tears, let it GO and LET GOD. Forgive those who have hurt you for YOURSELF not for them. Your heart is what truly matters. Besides these topics that I feel need to be put on the table I want to dab into my sexual side deeper and continue to motivate, encourage and inspire people as I like to do.

I don’t mind stepping on toes, I don’t mind being disliked and I don’t mind watching people get in their feelings over what I say because guess what? Everything I write its just my opinion and it just so happens that I know individuals who are mature and smart enough to think and feel on the same levels as I do…it’s my opinion and if you don’t like what I say oh well. It’s called life. I don’t have an issue with people being critical with me because I been called names, dislikes and preconceived several times to this day. One thing I know that is true is that the truth hurts and some people like to run from what the truth truly is. They rather live a lie than reveal the truth which is sad because day by day their hurting inside not able to live out life the ways they should be able too. I got much coming and I know I’ve been saying I’m going to post poems BUT I will not post as many poems as in the past because I want to save much for the books. The juicy stuff will be saved for the books and I’ll save some teasers for my blogs. I choose to live and so can you just use your head and live beyond expectations and the influence.

Love, Peace and Honesty,

Dreya ❤


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