Update {4.19.2011}…

Hello my readers also known as my loves,

I began my internship! I love, love, love and loveeeeeeeeeeeeee my internship. It’s just the beginning but I helped with the bridal show that was crazy busy but I enjoyed it. I can’t wait until the Bridal show in October 2011. I got to see everything and set up the registration table, “All About You” table…helped in the dressing room and it was just an experience I’m more than happy I was apart of because it’s apart of what I’d like to do and as a business woman it’s good to see all sides of a business. I will be doing the next events flyers…first draft due Sunday. Gotta put the peddle to the metal lol. But deadlines are okay with me. It’s exciting. But besides my internship I went back to work today smh….it’s a difference between doing a job because you HAVE too and doing a job because you LOVE to do it. Going into my job today for some reason got to me in a way I’ve never felt before lol. I felt very annoyed and irritated because I think I’m just done with retail. I’m sticking it out until the end of summer then going back to finding a job in my field. I have so much I’m trying to do over the course of this summer so it’s best to start closest to fall. Right now my focus is my internship, portfolio, manuscript and just enhancing my life as a woman.

I honestly can say how open I am right now. I really just want a new beginning and new feel to my life. I got my new room coming together, new internship, graduating and just everything coming full circle. It’s a hustle to get to the top. It’s a 24/7 grind because nobody give you anything. I’ve been blessed to come across opportunities ya kno to enhance my life. I try to look out for eveyone else…I’m finally looking out for me! Can’t nobody have my drive so I’m going in on my writing and designing. If you don’t know my first love is singing. Singing is something I’d like to pursue once my foot is in the door. The music industry is funny so I prefer to pursue something else before just pursuing singing. I miss it alot because back in middle and high school singing was my main motive and only focus. I haven’t wrote a song in awhile and I haven’t practiced in awhile. Don’t get it twisted I can still bust my notes…I try to sing my joints to keep my voice sharp. Lol…singing is a GOD GIVEN thing so I’ll never lose that.

I will be doing some serious writing this week because my heart is just in the place to do it. My world is finally coming together slowly and I can say that I’m happy. Without a guys involvement. I’ve established my own happiness without no guys validation because I know my worth, value and my confidence is stronger than ever. I love the place I’m at in life. Shout out to my girls TALIA, DEVIN, OCTAVIA, ASHLEY R, AMBER, ADRINA, KENETRA, JASMINE && BOLADE. Ya’ll keep pushing and motivated….muah ❤

….poems in the works

Love, Peace and Honesty



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