The One My Heart Calls…

The one my heart calls…

Late at night my mind wonders

All day I’m fighting the longing

Longing for you

I know we can’t be

But deep in my heart it wants to see

Your the delicate part of me

All it wants is to be free

I’ve fallen so many times


You opened my heart from the ice box

I was scared to get here

Now I am

You’ve left me cold AGAIN

Now the healing process begins

My heart misses you everyday

I just want this hurt to go away

I loved you the hardest so how does this just go away?


Your the comfort to my soul

Your the one my heart knows

The layers of pain I just wish you’d unfold

When I was next to you

Nothing else mattered but you

The heart I fell in love with I was right next too

I was where I needed to be


You hold my heart

It’s hurting me knowing our friendship has fallen apart

Knowing that’s where we made out start

All I ever wanted was your heart

My love I know has made it’s mark

My love is pure, genuine and strong


This is not good bye

This is see you later

You can’t be on my level

You want love

But you don’t want grown love

No games. Straight forward and honesty that’s all

Either way this thing goes babe


Your the one my heart calls<3




One comment

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