Until I Shine

Until I Shine

They do a lot of talking

They say I’m just a dreamer

But I let them talk

I got my faith; I’m a believer

Until I shine…


The road will be a rough

But it will make my skin tough

The breakthrough is my aim

When I get there it will feel so damn good

Until I shine…


You can chase that boy you call your “man”

I prefer to chase my dreams

I prefer to push myself

I prefer to challenge myself

Until I shine…


They can only see what’s going on; on the outside looking in

They don’t know what’s going on within

God is my Father, HE’s my guide

While they talk, HE’s blessing me

Until I shine…


There’s no stopping this

There’s no half stepping

You can’t live out my dreams

Only I can live out my dreams; you just keep quite

Until I Shine…


I just wrote this the other night but I wanted to give some inspiration for my readers so I decided to post this poem. No one can truly my burn to live out my dreams so I can say “I am living my dreams”. I just think its the most beautiful, amazing and accomplishing feeling when you can struggle, be talked about and doubted but in the long run beat the odds and get to where YOU desired. Until I Shine I am who I am, I know myself, I know my dreams so sit back and watch. No body said it would be easy and that’s where FAITH becomes my only option. See I’ve been through some things to know HE’s real, HE knows my heart and HE is working on my spirit, my heart, my body, my mind and my soul. That’s why nobodies opinions truly counts but HIS…until I Shine. Enjoy! Muah!!!!!!


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